Thursday, 24 August 2017

Project Round Up

You will have noticed I have a few small projects on the go.  I thought I’d do a quick round up to remind myself where I’ve got to.

French and Indian Wars
All done apart from two bases of abatis.  Though I’m tempted to add some French standard bearers in full uniform as opposed to waistcoats.

Jacobites ’19 and ‘45
A lowland/ English unit, the Irish Piquets and another unit of Highlanders to paint.

I have a Russian force to paint and I want some of the new Blue Moon Tigermen and Jingals.  I have enough ready for a game of The Men Who Would Be Kings.  I’ve also got a lot of Chinese scenery planned.

Chariots Rampant
Two Syrian chariots to paint and we are game ready. 

Nap' Rampant
Awaiting figures but a good start made.

Romans Rampant
I’m finessing the stats which is proving straightforward and searching out what figures I have to hand.  The latter is good reflection of later Roman realities-you field the army you can rather than the one you’d like to.  Luckily, I found an unpainted legion, well 12 figures, it wouldn’t have been a show without Punch.

Zulu War
Both sides are now done, cattle have been bought, painted and based.  I’ll stick some pics up shortly. 

Most of this is Dan Mersey's fault and I thank him for it.  Lots of lost projects revitalised there.

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